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A spirng fruit dessert

This is a small and simple example how sweet, caloric food could be extremely healthy and fantastically tasting! If combined with a rational diet, you shouldn’t have any problems with calories but if you have, better put in yourself healthy calories ;). So free your conscience and enjoy! Continue reading


First article on this site!

Article is about healthy lifestyle. To read it go here!

This site has two major parts: one with blog posts where I mainly focus on practice (with exceptions of posts like this one ;P) and add photos; second with articles (pure text). Finally, my first article here was published, enjoy reading :).

Vitamin boost and liver cleaning juice with a common dandelion

Sweet-bitter, rich juice for more experienced users. Aside its nutritional value, it has also common dandelion as a herbal part, giving it a strongly bitter taste to which one can be used to. If you’re not, I advice to use less dandelion or mix it with simpler component juices. Dandelions shouldn’t be used more then once for a two days! Although they are great for liver, they can reduce certain substances in organism, which are helpful for cancer control. My gut tells me that, despite that property, common dandelion is most helpful in digestive system cancers and skin cancers, while in other types it should be used in moderate way. Liver better function and it’s detoxifying qualities are increasing potency of the whole organism, but like I mentioned, newest scientific researches prove that dandelion is like two sided blade and should be used with caution. However it is not a poisonous herb so there is no great risk of overdosing it, in worst case if you overdo, taste will be greatly bitter and hard to drink.

Ingredients for 1,5 l (1500 ml): Continue reading