How to cure yoursel and your life from cancer

My younger sister had cancer, stage IV and she was literally dying. After 4 years she is here, alive and well, cancer free, although 2 years ago doctors have given her few months to live and offered extreme radiation therapy with marrow transplantation. We didn’t agree for radiation and my sister feels better then ever. However the road was long and tricky.

First – don’t take other’s opinions for your reality, even if it’s a specialist, you create your life, not them, so their opinion is not a sentence, so live despite what they say, be stubborn and know better

Second – stay positive, focus on your plans, pleasures of life, make your relationships with close ones good. Enjoy your life where you can.

Third – have faith, believe you will be healthy, in fact, you are healthy and your current condition is just a temporal glitch that will went away. There are moments where you may have doubts, lowered mood but you just must believe you will get well. It must be so strong belief that you just cannot believe in everything opposite – if that’s not the case, you have lot of inner work to do.

Fourth – love yourself, love your body, do everything good for it. Have your own mind, be smarter then doctors… or use those who are smarter from them and you trust them, because they are aligned with your well being (doctors are not, they would go nuts if they cared too much, so they just use schemes to make them feel good about themselves, that they are helping out…)
Five – like I said, be smart so allow for medicine to help when it’s needed but don’t make god out of it, use your reason and trust yourself – it works when you love yourself, your intuition rises and you make good calls.

Sixth – research or let other close ones do that, there are literally thousands of things you can always do, although doctors may have said that not much else is to do. There are so many things to try, you can’t try it all. You must choose and apply it. There are no perfect methods, you need to experiment on yourself, because you cannot allow to be reduced to a statistic, an average. You are not an average. You are individual and there are no universal ways to treat individual, but to experiment and personalize treatments. Yes – you are taking a risk, but you are taking a risk listening to doctors or doing nothing. You are best suited to make those decisions because it’s YOUR LIFE. What you eat matters so change your diet. If it’s cancer, for the time being vegetarian diet or even vegan one with HEALTHY, fresh, organic food is recommended. Read this book:

Use herbs but again, with your head. There are herbs that can worsen your condition or counter act medical treatment, so you need to know what you are doing. Use your family as resource, because you cannot know it all, they need to learn and research too.

Seventh – looks for signs of hope, listen people who had the same what you have and are alive, learn what they did. Natural treatments are long term treatments so it may take months to see the difference. When we applied proper diet, diagnosis was dire – it got worse despite the official chemotherapy, but we didn’t care, only intensified what we were doing. We still believed we can make it and never believed in diagnosis.

Eighth – you need some kind of physical activity, walks, dance, whatever you can do – it’s part of healing, part of loving your body

Ninth – use spiritual/magickal methods. Prayers, rituals, energy healing, crystals, asking for health, visualizing health, loving your body’s cells, including sick (confused) cells. Let others join you however they can. Those versed in occult knowledge – let them mediate, visualize, send energy, do magick rituals for you. Those who are simple believers, let them pray (not matter to who, accept any help), go to masses, etc.

Tenth – heal your emotions. There are no straight path here, because everyone is different and has different problems. Forgive yourself, forgive others, learn to love yourself, others in your life

Eleventh – accept natural way of things, dead is inevitable for all, accepting it, makes you calm, relaxed. It’s a state where you can start really living. Fear of death may be poisoning you and your close ones so the part of healing is to accept death as something good and nothing to be afraid of.

Twelfth – learn to let go (don’t mistake it for give up, far from it), accept things as they are, love them as they are (and if they are not… loveable… ;), forget about them, find positive ones to focus upon), learn to trust life and spiritual forces around you – you ask and it is given, it’s so simple but it works when you trust and stay positive.

Thirteenth – life is over when it’s over and till then, every day counts, so make it good, satisfactory, meaningful, happy as much you can.

Those are things we did. It was not easy but we stayed on that path despite things that were saying otherwise and we won. Everything is possible and if you want to live, believe it is possible, believe beyond doubt, let go and… get to work while having as much fun along the way as possible :D.

Good luck!

2 responses to “How to cure yoursel and your life from cancer

  • Satan's Lover

    This story is very inspirational. Congratulations to you and your sister for beating her cancer. And thanks for sharing it with us and inspiring us that any thing is possible with your will and right effort.

    Now, I have some questions;
    I have read about some Demons on (like Lord VALEFOR) who can magically cure any illness and can heal any wound. Is it true? Do they really help the dedicated Satanists? Did you ever thought of getting their help?

    • Zalbarath

      I worked myself with Verrine but you can turn to Valefor too. There are many demons to accomplish certain goal and it’s up to us to choose the one you feel most connected to (you feel drawn to him/her). In some cases prayer or ritual with offerings will work, in other cases some longer cooperation and change of lifestyle is needed (especially when it comes to dangerous or chronic illnesses). Demons may heal you directly or direct you toward sources (books, videos, persons, methods, etc.) that could be helping.
      No, you don’t need to be dedicated satanist to work with demons. You are free to do whatever you want. Satanist are just more connected to Satan and demons and feel the need to mark it in their lifes more, so we do pacts, initiations, etc., but that’s not necessary. You can work with any spiritual entity you feel attracted to. There is no boundaries so you can work with demons, angels, deities from various religions – it’s a fair game. You are free to choose what you need at the moment.

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