A spirng fruit dessert

This is a small and simple example how sweet, caloric food could be extremely healthy and fantastically tasting! If combined with a rational diet, you shouldn’t have any problems with calories but if you have, better put in yourself healthy calories ;). So free your conscience and enjoy!

Aside lot of vitamins and mineral, we have here also a cellulose and a fat, which in itself isn’t unhealthy. In fact a healthy food often contains various oils, that help to absorb many of the vitamins, oils also are using out our daily bile production, preventing from creating bile stones that may be caused by a low fat diets. Anyway, this dessert is easily digestible, nutritive and good for your body. One small thing thou, it may be called a dessert, but preferably it should be eaten between meals. After eating more heavy, meaty dinner, dessert as such may be not the best idea, although it shouldn’t cause any problems in most cases. And also it’s the best to make this fruit dessert during strawberries season, keeping away from new ones (before) or those grown with a big help of various chemicals (before and after). Anyway, here is the general recipe:


galia melon


can peaches and their sauce

kiwi – for decoration

walnut – for decoration

preferably a fat whipped cream (stay away from artificial, spray creams)

no sugar 🙂

There is not much to say about preparation or amounts (go about it instinctual), just prepare fruits, whip the cream, cut fruits into pieces, mix it together, add a bit peaches sauce from the can, cream at the top, decorate with walnuts and kiwi.

There are many fruit salads but this one, although simple, is just so gooooooood…. Mmmmm… 😀


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