Extractum Convallariae – Extract of Lilly of the Valley

Extractum Convallariae

Convallaria majalis is a woodland, strongly poisonous plant of Northern Hemisphere, also often grown in gardens.

Usage:Lilly of the Valley strengthens and slows down heart muscle contractions (helps in irregular heart palpitation), works mildly calming, increasing urination, anti-neurotically, decreasing swellings. The herb is recommended in mild heart failure, neurotic heart disorders, weakening of heart caused by infections or in older age.

Harvest: Shortly before and during blossoming.

Preparation: Tincture or extract is made on 40-65% proof alcohol. Keep in cool, dark place (if not in dark glass,  clothe it) and shake it at least daily for 14-21 days. After that period filter out organic parts and if needed, dilute to proper proportion with alcohol, creating a tincture.

The herb is strongly poisonous so one need to know the right proportions and dosage! Even small amount of herb is dangerous so keep away from this herb without more detailed information. If given in proper amount, it is safe and can be used for children, adults and elderly for several weeks, mostly up to 2 months. It can be joined with some other herbs (Crataegus, Valeriana, etc.) creating a synergistic effect.

My extract was made extremely potent. To the alcohol I gave some additional ingredients to increase extraction of the active substances.


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