Vitamin boost and liver cleaning juice with a common dandelion

Sweet-bitter, rich juice for more experienced users. Aside its nutritional value, it has also common dandelion as a herbal part, giving it a strongly bitter taste to which one can be used to. If you’re not, I advice to use less dandelion or mix it with simpler component juices. Dandelions shouldn’t be used more then once for a two days! Although they are great for liver, they can reduce certain substances in organism, which are helpful for cancer control. My gut tells me that, despite that property, common dandelion is most helpful in digestive system cancers and skin cancers, while in other types it should be used in moderate way. Liver better function and it’s detoxifying qualities are increasing potency of the whole organism, but like I mentioned, newest scientific researches prove that dandelion is like two sided blade and should be used with caution. However it is not a poisonous herb so there is no great risk of overdosing it, in worst case if you overdo, taste will be greatly bitter and hard to drink.

Ingredients for 1,5 l (1500 ml):

1kg carrots

1 parsley root

few cm long part of white turnip root

1 root celery

2 stalks of leaves celery

2 beetroots

1/3 of broccoli

8 apples


Bon appetit 🙂 !


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  • heart problems

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    so where can i do it please help out.

    • Zalbarath

      Just click “follow”. It’s on the right side under the avatar or in the left upper corner if you are logged into wordpress. I’m not sure if this works outside wordpress logged area.
      You can also bookmark rss feed: This will work for all, however you must check links manually from time to time, so it’s not so optimal solution as email messaging about the new content.

      On the other side I am lately strongly preoccupied with business and some family stuff, so I don’t have time to post regularly or often here. But I have lot to say in the matter of health but it’s still too little in face of various needs. I should post some info about nutrition that keeps us slim and healthy. However when struck with serious and chronic conditions, such diet needs time to take effect and not all have that luxury, so a right diet could be a cure but not in every case. However in case of heart and vessels condition it’s paramount to change the diet, effects are very strong here if that’s what you’re after.

      Thanks for interest.

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